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Broken Braces Wire

Q: What Should I Do If A Braces Wire Breaks?

A: A broken wire is a problem that any patient with traditional braces could face. If it happens to you, you may feel something like a pinching sensation against your cheek, your tongue, or your gums. In most cases, a broken wire isn’t as urgent as a knocked out tooth or crown, but it’s still an issue that needs professional attention. If you have braces and you think you have a broken wire, don’t hesitate to call one of our emergency dental offices for help.

While you wait to see us, there are a few home care steps you can follow to minimize damage to your smile and your braces. The first thing you can try is repositioning the wire. This can be done carefully with the end of a pen or a pencil, making sure that you use either the eraser end of the pencil or the blunt end of the pen. Another step you can take to prevent your broken wire from injuring your smile is to cover the end of the wire with a small amount of orthodontic wax. If you don’t have any orthodontic wax on hand, try using a small cotton ball instead. Both should offer plenty of protection for the more sensitive areas of your smile.

Q: What If My Cheek, Tongue, or Gums Have Been Injured By the Broken Wire?

A: Your first step, if you haven’t already, is to call one of our emergency dental offices. We have locations all throughout Arizona that can help you meet just about any emergency dental need.

Your next step, after calling one of our offices should be to rinse your mouth with either an antibacterial mouthwash or a salt-water combination. By rinsing your mouth with one of these, you can protect your sore or cut by cleansing the area of germs or harmful bacteria. Rinsing can also help you reduce discomfort, as can using a simple, over-the-counter pain reliever like Anbesol. As a topical pain reliever, Anbesol can provide targeted relief that will actually numb the affected area. A pain reliever like Tylenol or Advil may also be able to help, but a topical solution will provide the greatest amount of relief.

What should you not do if you have a broken wire? First, don’t wait to call us. Second, do not try to cut the wire yourself. Trying to cut a broken wire can result in you accidentally swallowing or inhaling the piece of wire you’ve cut off. Instead, follow one of these other steps until a trained professional at one of our emergency dental offices can help you.

Is a broken wire causing you discomfort? Call one of our emergency dental centers to find out how we can help. Our offices have the tools needed to fix a variety of problems, including broken braces wires. Call one of our convenient locations today. We have offices spread throughout the state of Arizona to meet the emergency dental needs of patients.

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