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Crown Dislodged

Q: If my crown falls out, what steps should I take next?

A: As with any dental emergency, losing a crown can happen unexpectedly. Maybe you were just brushing or enjoying a meal with friends. One minute your crown was exactly where it should have been, and then the next you were picking it up off the floor or the table. Maybe it was just a temporary crown, or maybe it was a custom-made permanent crown your dentist designed just for you. Regardless, in that moment you are probably wondering how urgent your situation might be.

The answer is that while it may not be as urgent as a knocked-out or broken tooth, a dislodged crown is still a dental emergency, which means that it is still important for you to call one of our emergency dental centers. Why is this so important? Because crowns exist to protect cracked, chipped, broken, or decayed teeth from further harm. When a crown falls out, that vulnerable tooth is now exposed to more danger, making it essential for you to have it professionally reattached.

So what should you do in the meantime, between that moment when the crown falls out and you have it professionally reattached?

Your first step is to clean off your temporary or permanent crown by gently rinsing away any dirt or debris using either warm water or warm salt water. Then, once your temporary or permanent crown has been cleaned, your next step is to find some kind of adhesive that well help you temporarily hold it in place. Sometimes, something as simple as regular toothpaste can be effective as an adhesive, but you may also want to opt for something stronger, like dental cement or denture adhesive. What you do not want to do is use an adhesive not mean for dental use. That means no super glue, or any other form of potentially toxic adhesive.

Regardless of how urgent your situation might or might not be, eventually an appointment with a dentist will be necessary. During your appointment, your dentist will talk to you about the circumstances of your dislodged crown, including what you were doing when it fell out. A comprehensive oral exam will also be completed as part of your visit. But the most important part of your appointment will be that you come away from it with a professionally reattached crown that restores strength and function, leaving your smile better protected than it was before.

Have you just recently lost a crown, either a temporary crown or a permanent one your dentist had custom-made just for your smile? If you have, follow the steps outlined above and give one of our emergency dental centers a call to find out about having your crown professionally reattached. It is important that you have your missing crown professionally reattached. Doing so in a timely manner will ensure that your vulnerable tooth remains protected and your entire smile remains strong.

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