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Object Stuck Between Teeth

Q: What should I do if I have an object stuck between my teeth?

A: Most of us have had an object lodged in between our teeth. Objects are very easily removed from the teeth in most cases. Below are some tips for removing objects from in between the teeth. If these tips do not help, please call Emergency Dental Centers.

How to remove an object with dental floss or a dental pick:

You will need a string of dental floss or a dental pick. You should never use a sharp instrument. You should floss as you normally would. Slide the floss up and down for about three times or until the object has been removed. Make sure that you are very gentle when you are attempting to remove the object. This will prevent you from cutting your gums. There has also been evidence to suggest that rinsing your mouth with warm water can also help remove the object.

I have braces, how can I remove an object from in between my teeth?

If you have braces, you can still use a dental pick or dental floss to remove the object. Again, just make sure that you are very gentle to avoid damaging your gums or braces.

How do I prevent things from getting stuck in between my teeth?

There is no sure-fire thing that can be done to prevent objects from getting stuck in between the teeth. However, you may want to limit your consumption of certain foods. Popcorn, corn on the cob, hard candy, and steak are some of the many foods that can get lodged in between your teeth. You want to make sure that you brush and floss immediately after eating those types of foods.

When should I see a dentist?

If you cannot remove the object after several attempts, you should see one of our dentists. You could damage your teeth and gums if you try to forcefully remove an object. If you experience tooth pain after removing the object, you should also make sure that you consult with a dentist. Tooth pain may be a sign that you have damaged that tooth.

You may also want to see an orthodontist after you have removed the object if you have braces. The orthodontist can check to make sure that you have not done any damage to your teeth, gums, or braces.

Additionally, you should see a dentist if you have noticed that you frequently get objects stuck in between your teeth. It is not healthy to repeatedly get things lodged in your teeth. This problem may be an indication that your teeth have shifted. Sometimes, when the teeth shift they can leave a larger space for objects to get stuck in your teeth.

Cavities can also cause objects to become lodged in between your teeth. The tiny holes in the tooth make it a lot easier for objects to get trapped in between the teeth. These problems will worsen or trigger other problems if they are left untreated. If you wear braces, you may need to have them adjusted.

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